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About Us

Web Preference Limited is owned and managed by Paul Sawyer.

Paul has a background in business - having gained a First Class Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics in 1985. From there, he worked for 15 years in the City as a company research analyst for two of the major investment banks.

13 years ago, he wanted a fresh challenge, but one that would enable him to utilise his business skills, and experience of dealing with Finance Directors and Chief Executives of both large and small companies alike. Hence his move into the web industry, based on the belief that an effective web presence should form an essential aspect of any business operational strategy.

Paul began programming in PHP with MySQL as the database backend. From there he moved onto a firm understanding of the model-view-controller paradigm developing sites using the excellent Yii framework. The content management system developed using Yii formed the basis of a fully fledged e-commerce application, examples of which can be found in the projects section.

In 2015 Paul experimented with single page web applications. These apps take advantage of the rapid advances in browser technology which allow the server to concentrate on the task of returning data, with the all of the logic (and rendering) taking place client site. This makes for far quicker and responsive sites, with no page refreshing.

More recently, Paul has broadened his programming skills, learning the beautifully concise Python language, and the outstanding Django framework. Django retains all of the advantages of developing applications using an mvc (type) approach while being secure, robust and scalable. He has developed a new content management system, which has already been deployed by a number of clients. Hosting for Django is not straightforward (probably the only drawback!) - but Paul has a dedicated server set up which makes it easy to deploy new applications. Examples of the new applications can be found the in the projects section. This site has also been developed using Django.

It goes without saying that all sites are responsive out of the box - and display effectively across all device sizes down to mobile. 

Paul's approach is to work with other companies who can enhance the end result with their own specific expertise. Hence, he collaborates with companies in the areas of graphic design and marketing.

Paul believes that the combination of a business background, understanding and implementation of web standards, and pooling of resources from established experts in complementary disciplines is an attractive proposition for small to medium sized businesses looking to establish a web presence, or enhance their current offering.


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New website for the British Society for Matrix Biology

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New Django powered Site for Web Preference

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New website for Trade Ideas Limited

May 23, 2018
New e-commerce website for The Protective Textile Company

May 8, 2018
Website for Woking People Of Faith launched

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