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Django is a web application framework written in Python.

Python is a beautifully concise language, and in our opinion, vastly superior to PHP.

We love Django because it has a wonderful admin interface that takes the pain out of developing initial CRUD applications (create, read, update, delete) allowing us to focus on the business logic. Updating database schema is extremely efficient.

Security is baked into Django, and has strong protection against CSRF attacks and SQL injection.

Django is extremely fast, not just because it has been very well designed. It also allows us to minify pages to reduce file sizes; concantenate, minify CSS and JavaScript files; and to cache views, templates and even entire websites if so desired.

The only possible drawback with Django is that is not straightforward to host, since no pages are served from a publicly accessible folder. However, we have configured our own server to deal with these issues, making it quick and easy to deploy new sites.