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Web Development by Web Preference Ltd

Web Development

Going forward all application development will be undertaken in Python, using the Django web framework. We have already developed a number of sites using our new content management system as the basis.

The Django framework is very robust, secure and scalable - being used by many well known companies who experience very high levels of traffic. At the basic level, the content management system provides the ability to add unlimited "pages", and comprises the admin interface to manage the site via a simple interface. Upon this core, we then program additional modules of functionality - for example - product catalogues, news, and e-commerce. We continue to provide sites built using PHP but these will be limited to e-commerce applications.

In addition to our core web development activities, we can also offer single page web applications, which provide an enhanced user experience, made possible by the advances in browser technology in recent years.


  • written in Python
  • model-view-template framework
  • secure
  • robust
  • scalable
  • very fast
  • used by many of the largest applications on the web


  • built by us, not an off the shelf package
  • model view controller paradigm enforces strict coding discipline
  • robust, fast and secure
  • can be customised to suit client requirements


  • built by us, not an off the shelf package
  • based on the cms, built using the model view controller framework
  • full featured - read the complete list here
  • can be customised to suit client requirements


  • bespoke application development
  • booking systems, recruitment applications, email marketing tools, multi lingual sites

Single Page Applications

  • client/browser performs all logic and rendering tasks
  • server responsible for data only
  • much improved user experience
  • Google can now index such sites



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New website for the British Society for Matrix Biology

Oct. 17, 2018
New Django powered Site for Web Preference

Aug. 31, 2018
New website for Trade Ideas Limited

May 23, 2018
New e-commerce website for The Protective Textile Company

May 8, 2018
Website for Woking People Of Faith launched

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