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Web Development by Web Preference Ltd

New Django powered Site for Web Preference

Web Preference has been developing in Python and the Django framework for some time now, producing sites for South London Irish Association, Woking People of Faith and Trade Ideas Limited.

We are pleased to announce the launch today of the new website for our business, built using the same technologies.

The main advantages and benefits of Python and Django have been discussed elsewhere on the website.

Having replaced our single page web application with Django we wanted to try and make the response times for users as fast as possible. Hopefully this has been achieved using code minimisation and concantenation, and effective caching.

Rendered HTML is minified when you look at the page source, and all css and javascript files and minified and concantenated into two files thereby reducing the number of requests for each page. Caching content is a very effective way of lessening the load on the server and serving pages much faster, without the need for a call on the standard database. Django has a very good caching framework - for the entire site, views or templates. We have chosen the latter strategy, serving cached template fragments from the ultra fast Redis in-memory data structure store.

The apps we've developed for the site, aside from core pages are for the display of projects, posts and testimonials. The posts app includes an RSS feed if anyone in the UK is interested!

Another nice feature is the ability to ping Google the application sitemap once a week in an attempt to ensure that Google knows about as many pages of the site as possible.

Oct. 17, 2018


Our Saxon Products website was one that needed to integrate with our main Saxon Brands site and one that could be continually updated easily and without fuss. Web Preference has achieved that superbly. Paul has been a pleasure to work with and has shown great patience and professionalism throughout the project and always available to answer any queries.

Saxon Products

Since working with Web Preference for over a year I have always been impressed by the efficiency and dedication which Paul offers

Greens Beers

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